A collection of original 16x20 ambrotype portraits displayed in their original state as semi transparent silver images floating on glass. Each photograph hangs suspended in the center of a darkened room with small spot lights illuminating the faces. Musicians, actors and men and women of less notoriety but no less story to tell in the lines of their faces and the spark in their eyes.

Over the past two decades one of my continuing projects has been a series of portraits of musicians. Many of the 16x20 ambrotypes in my collection are of these. Included are Kris Kristofferson, Elvis Costello, Regina Spektor, Margo Price, Roger Waters, Fiona Apple, Burt Bacharach and Questlove.


The portraits were taken using a 1918 Goerz Dogmar lens, one originally used by the Germans to spy on allied forces from Zeppelins during the first world war. This massive optic renders incredibly sharp and detailed portraits which have also been enlarged with utmost clarity to enormous sizes and may be displayed and sold as fine art prints.


The camera used to create these images is in itself a piece of art. Designed and built over the course of a month it uses the classic layout of cameras used by Avedon and Lange. Separating it from those is the extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber mated perfectly using the latest CAD design techniques.

This intricate piece of engineering is on display along with the images it creates to allow visitors to catch a glimpse through its expansive focusing screen and relive and continue the glory days of photography.

Thanks for taking a look!