I’ve been working as a photographer for over 17 years now, it’s been an incredible choice in careers which, despite its frequent difficulties, I feel thankful for most days. During this journey I’ve learned a lot about other people, myriad trades and seen some of the best that humanity has to offer. But as I mature as a creative I also begin to question more and think more deeply about the images I’m creating, the stories I’m trying to tell and how I’m approaching and conveying my own story.

I think like many artists I struggle with the need to make things which the most people appreciate or approve. The pull to succeed in other peoples eyes is a strong one for me, seeking validation for my craft from others is in many ways easier than finding validation and meaning for myself.

With this new project I’m hoping to avoid some of my old habits and just create images and tell the stories of subjects who I find inspiring regardless of what others may think. I think there can be incredible power in photography and it’s ability to honestly and simply communicate the lives of others to us but that a photographs strength can be enhanced when viewed in isolation from the constant barrage of imagery that we’re subjected to daily.

I’ve compiled a list of people that I’ve met, and a few that I haven’t, who have and continue to inspire me to create better art and find a more complete understanding of myself and those I engage with. I’m sure others will be added to this list as I travel and hone my craft but I’m very excited to explore this project and am really looking forward to showing the completed ambrotype photos to you in person when it’s complete.

I’ll be updating this blog periodically, if you’d like to subscribe and follow along I’d love to have you along.