Black Taxi

A few months ago, while shooting the SXSW festival, my path crossed with Black Taxi, a massively talented and rabidly entertaining band hailing from Brooklyn. Drinks were had, a round of putt-putt was played and, once the dust had settled there was some mention of my doing some photo work for them. And possibly doing that photo work on tour. 

I've always been a fan of the movie Almost Famous so when they asked me if I'd meet up with them, climb aboard Tony Vanza and cruise down the east coast for a week, I was thrilled. 

I'm on day two now, which means hangover one and a folder full of images of last nights show to edit. A few of my favorites are below, more to come in the next five days. 

Follow along at @blacktaxiband and @gilesclement

And check out their tour schedule, if you're anywhere close to their route definitely come out and listen, difficult as it may be to believe, they're even better live. 

Black Taxi Tour