Kate and the Cinnamon Rolls

It probably comes as old news to most of you that I'm a bit of an instagrammer. What I started using sporatically a few years ago (mostly to post pictures of Zeiss) slowly evolved into an incredible networking tool and a way that I've connected with literally hundreds of other creative people across the country and around the world. 

Last week a photo of a gorgeous loaf of bread popped up in my feed and it belonged to Kate Lewis, a food photographer and incredible baker in Ohio. I somewhat cheekily commented that I'd trade a loaf for a tintype portrait if she had time and she commented YES! about four seconds later. I emailed with her and set up a time for the next day. On the morning of she emailed to say we'd have to bump the appointment back an hour since her GPS was saying three hours... THREE HOURS? Where was she coming from? I assumed that she was in Columbus but instead her home base was way north in Youngstown. Oh boy, now the pressure was on, not only was she bringing me what looked like be best baked good on the planet, she was also driving half a day to do so. Let's not eff this one up Giles. 

A few hours later she showed up, apologized for not bringing bread (it takes 20 hours to rise) but instead brought me a plate of ridiculously delicious chocolate/cinammon rolls and a bag of home made treats for Zeiss. Incredible!

We spent a couple of hours together, talking about our photo careers, our dogs, our travels and made a few tintypes in the process. The one below was our favorite and, although I really like the image, and it will DEFINITELY last longer than the rolls, I still feel like I got the better end of the deal. 

To see some of Kate's work visit kk-lewis.com

Thank you Kate!