The Flag

I woke up on a new couch for the 14th day in a row, but this was a good couch to be in. Not that the other couches have been bad, but this was Kenan's couch*. And Kenan is my childhood friend, a great baker of cakes, and a great maker of thermoses full of drinks. Drinks of the adult nature. We'd spent the previous afternoon swimming in a magnificent pond somewhere in central Massachusetts and we now both had raging hangovers. 

Over a breakfast of lox and tea we discussed what we should do that day. Kenan's plan was to swim and bake a cake. My plan was to find an American Flag. 

These two goals are not mutually exclusive so I began at the door step of all bad acquisitions, Craigslist. 

Typing "American Flag" into the search bar led to a dozen results. There was an "American Flag Kit" for 12$ which consisted of a flag and a pole. A post for a pair of cowboy boots decorated with the flag, and then... the post I didn't know I was looking for (but secretly was): "30x20 FOOT AMERICAN FLAG - $100"

Who has a thirty foot american flag, and who sells such a thing? And who buys it? 

Tom sells it, I buy it. 

30 minutes later and after a brief encounter with a llama lady we arrived at toms, handed five notes over and collected a magnificent, 30 FOOT AMERICAN FLAG in a garment bag. 


I had no idea what I was going to do with this critter but I knew it was going to be good. 

Two days later I found myself in Providence Rhode Island dangling over a three story building hanging the flag and wishing it wouldn't be so windy. 

The good news is that the flag fits in my cargo box and it'll be joining me on the rest of the tour. DO you have a 30' tall building that needs flagged? Email me. 

photo 1.JPG

*Technically it's Bronwyn's couch but I assume she wants nothing to do with Kenan or I after we invaded her house and brought the worlds biggest American flag along for the ride.