Sunday with Alia

My bff Abigail emailed me a few weeks ago saying that her friend Alia shared my appreciation for the ridiculous and might be interested in collaborating on photographs. She also said I could borrow an empty six bedroom turn of the century house for a week. 

So on Sunday, armed with two large baskets of costumes, one cup of coffee and a six pack of cider we set to work. Six hilarious hours later these are a few of the photographs and tintypes we managed to wrangle. 

Thanks Abigail, there's a bottle of whisky waiting for you when you get home. 



I received an email asking if I'd be interested in setting up the tintype studio at an Express clothing store opening in Times Square. Would I?!

Needless to say I'm heading to NYC this week, I'll be out on Wednesday and the shoot is on Thursday, can't wait! 

All the events in Columbus were fantastic but the evening at Mission Coffee Co was particularly great, with most of my subjects photographers themselves we had a good time collaborating and coming up with images that I'm proud of. 

Jon, Co-Ownder of Mission Coffee Co

Jon, Co-Ownder of Mission Coffee Co

Deja and Brielle

Deja and Brielle


My nephews and a huge group of my friends live in Columbus so a stop there to recharge, get some nephew time and for Zeiss to romp with his old friends was very much needed. We've been here for a week and already met a ton of new people and done two event shoots at a coffee shop and a barber shop with some pretty awesome images resulting. 

Tonight I'm setting up at a music venue and making tintypes while being rocked by the musical greatness that is Perfect Pussy 

Stink eye with a 1903 Hat

Stink eye with a 1903 Hat

Photographing Laila

I've wanted to try making a tintype of a surfer for awhile and my week on the beach afforded me the time and the surfer. Laila and I went out on tuesday to shoot but the weather is super fickle on the Washington coast and by the time we got out it was raining sideways and windy as all hell. We managed one plate but it was less than ideal. Thursday we gave it another go, the sun was out right up until we made it to the beach so once again we were shooting in the darkish but the plate this time was a ton better. Huge props to Lai for being the rockstar, and to Julz for being a lovely assistant/fluffer :)