Desert Daze 2018 Studio & Gallery Activation

The Concept in a Nutshell

In a back stage constructed photo studio create photographs of the performers at the Desert Daze Festival. These photographs would be rapidly processed onsite and printed out as very large format prints which, within minutes,  would be moved to an evolving photo gallery in the public area of the festival grounds. 

Everything now is digital, particularly images and music. This activation would be a departure from that norm and a chance for the musicians and audience to participate in the creation of physical art. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 3.22.59 PM.png

The Musician Studio

The studio space would be simple in design and with muted, plain colors. In the space would be modular furniture or objects which the band can play with, adjust, create with and make their own. Large blocks, balls, simple objects which can be stacked or used in different manners. 

The photos would be taken with an ultra high resolution digital camera, the files from which would be instantly transferred to an assistant who would edit each photo and print these within an hour of shooting.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 6.03.48 PM.png

Audience Facing Gallery

Prints would be made on a fine art cotton rag and signed by the artists before being hung in the gallery space. Each print would have a wood lath attached to the top and bottom to enable it to be suspended from the ceiling of the gallery space. Bringing the art off the walls gives the gallery an immersive feel and the audience a sense of participating in rather than simply viewing. 

The Partner

A perfect partner for this activation would be a company involved in imagery. Sony, Fuji, Canon and Nikon all have a consumer base which will be attending Desert Daze. Likewise an online printing company such as Finerworks, Mpix or SmugMug would be a good fit providing the printers and demonstrating their ability to transform digital images into physical memories. 

There's also opportunity for a brand not directly involved with photography to play a part in the activation with branding on both the artist studio and audiences gallery. The creation of a behind the scenes web video showcasing the creation of physical art would be a great way to reach the brands audience and provide an ROI which extends beyond the festival grounds and on site audience. 



The Photographer

Giles Clement is an internationally known portrait photographer who's work with musicians has become iconic. He's brought his studio to other music festivals including Shaky Knees, SXSW, Newport Folk Festival and Willie Nelsons annual Luck Ranch Fest. His emphasis is on creating unique pieces of physical art with the musicians which inspire him. 

His work has been seen in Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, W Magazine and My Modern Met. His client list includes Redbull, Squarespace, Instagram, Stetson, Black Diamond, Express and Thirdman Records. 

Instagram: @gilesclement
Ph: (614) 329 8932