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A series of 10 16x20 ambrotype portraits of a wildfire hot shot team taken in the field where they live and work. These would be taken after a work shift when the men/women are exhausted, filthy and looking their best. 

Additional digital/film photos taken of the hot shot teams out in the forest at work to give context to the portraiture and give a more rounded narrative to the challenges they face and overcome. 

The original glass portraits would be suspended from the ceiling in the center of a darkened gallery in Los Angeles. Digital/film context photos would be printed and hung around the walls of the gallery. 


Shooting would take place between August and December of 2019 depending on when/where fires occur and fitting with the hot shots schedule.

Assets needed 

Documentary video crew to create short film about the Hotshots, going into how they became firefighters, also showing some of their leisure/home lives, surfing, travel, cooking at home. Little vignettes to fill out their characters a bit. 

Gallery space in Los Angeles to host the photo show of the ambrotypes

Budget for shooting and transport of giles/crew.