Wednesday January 30th 12-6pm
808 17th Ave N. Nashville, 37203

Photographer - Giles Clement - 614 329 8932
Photographer - Alysse Gafkjen - 740 262 1579
Hair/Makeup - Brittany Head
Wardrobe - Ashley Fisher 615 714 3236

Contrast Visuals

Video Crew - Alden Allen, Loki, Nathan


  • We’d like to capture a kick ass, honest, strong and compelling portrait of Lera on a 16x20 glass ambrotype. This would be a standard portrait similar to much of my musician work seen elsewhere on the site.

  • During that we need to capture video of the process of creating the glass photos. Most of that shooting can happen before Lera shows up, all the B-roll and camera shots.

  • I’d like to try a second shot with Lera in a suit, slicked back hair, more masculine/androgynous.


  • 12pm call time for Giles, Kendra and Video Crew. - Get all the B-roll of the camera, chemistry mixing, lighting setup, pouring plates & if needed shots of Giles talking.

  • 2pm call for Lera & HMU - Get shots of Lera getting made up, hair done, dressing.

  • 3pm-4pm standard portrait of Lera (approx 30 mins) - Video crew shoots the making and developing of the ambrotype. Including the finished item with Lera holding it.

  • 4pm-5pm Second shot, going for the more masculine look, Ambrotype as well as possible digital.

  • 6pm - beer.

First shot - Standard Portrait of Lera

Second shot - Darker / Masculine

Second idea would be to try something more masculine with just a hint of the feminine underneath. Kind of a combination of the first three photos below, a hard male exterior with the feminine showing through. Really high contrast and only use black/white outfit.

Video Sample