Tintype & Ambrotypes

A wet plate image is more than a photograph, it's a physical object which will last for decades and remind you of your past and give you a gift for the future. Each of these pictures are carefully made in my studio using a light sensitive silver emulsion on thin sheets of black metal or clear glass.

Once the image is made it is preserved with a baked on coating of shellac and lavender oil which ensures the archival qualities of the tintype. 

Your session includes an hour with me and you'll get to see the process of making a tintype in and out of the darkroom. You'll leave with the actual metal or glass plate and a digital scan will be provided as well. These scans are extremely high resolution and I can provide digital reprints up to 20x24". 

My studio sitting fee is $250

4x5” tintype print - $40
8x10” tintype print - $100
4x5” ambrotype print - $80
8x10” ambrotype print - $200
16x20 ambrotype print - $900

In addition to my tintype and ambrotype work I also offer both film and digital options. Please contact me for details and rates.