Wednesday January 30th 12-6pm
808 17th Ave N. Nashville, 37203

Photographer - Giles Clement - 614 329 8932
Hair/Makeup - TBD
Wardrobe - Ashley Fisher 615 714 3236

Laura & Izzy


  • We’d like to capture and image of twins Izzy and Laura with a rather massive great dane puppy named Jackson

  • I’d like to do the twins up one as a man, the other as a woman. They’ll be in evening attire, classy suit and dress outfits.

  • Location is still in the works but I’d like something urban rustic, like where you’d expect to find a hidden away awesome restaurant but still a little dodgy.


  • I’m hoping to shoot this the first weekend of March, preferably the 2nd but still pulling together everyones schedule.