Death Valley


Death Valley

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I shoot film for many reasons, the way the cameras feel in my hands, the lack of immediate feedback so that you're not worried about what you've taken but what's still waiting for you to create. And mostly, I like it's occasional lack of predictability. I took this shot of Death Valley during a drive across the country and, when I finally got to my new home in Oregon I mixed up a batch of D76 developer and threw the film in before the crystals had completely dissolved. Those crystals slide down the face of the film during development and left what appear to be star trails in the sky. Not all accidents are pretty but this one left a smile on my face. 

Printed on thick, archival photo rag paper, numbered and signed by the artist. 

Each copy is printed on beautiful photo rag archival paper.

The 8x10 version is signed and unlimited.

The 16x20 is signed and part of a limited 60 print run.



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